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PT Asia Sejahtera Mina, Tbk is one of the largest seaweed business in Indonesia, which was established on August 27, 2008 with the main business activity of the processing seaweed into dried seaweed in the form of raw material seaweed (Dried Seaweed : Eucheuma Cottoniii, Eucheuma Spinosum and Gracilaria sp ) .

Therefore, we are committed to always maintain the quality of seaweed with implementation Standard operating procedure (SOP) for all our suppliers and also carrying out a series of seaweed cultivation development activities through cooperation with relevant parties so that the quality of seaweed can be maintained properly.

We process and export our high quality seaweeds throughout the world : Philippines, South America, Denmark, Spain,  Malaysia, Vietnam and China. PT Asia Sejahtera Mina, Tbk that have Officially become Initial Public Offering (IPO) With the name AGAR in Indonesia Stock Exchange.