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Dried Eucheuma Cottonii Seaweed

Scientific Name                                     : Kappaphycus Alvarezii

Application                                            : For Production of Kappa Carragenan

Moisture Content                                  : 35%-37% maximum

Foreign Matters/Impurities Content      : 3% maximum

Packaging                                             : Bales Wrapped in Polypropylene Cloth   

                                               Quantity                                                 : 100 Kg / bags , 350 bags / 40 HC, 25 MT/40 HC

                                               Capacity                                                 : 120 FCL/Month



In 1974,Cottonii species of seaweeds which came from the Phillippines is able to cultivated in Indonesia. Eucheumaa cottonii is a group of seaweeds used in the production of Carrageenan. This type of seaweed in the sea by using longline method. Eucheuma Cottonii  seaweed has a cylindrical physic form .It is Cultivated by useng a plastic rope tied to a long rope anchored to the pole which is plugged in the seabed. Cultivation areas of this type of seaweed are located in coastal waters