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Company Profile

PT Asia Sejahtera Mina Tbk

Is a privately owned company founded in 2008, PT Asia Sejahtera Mina Tbk, one of the largest seaweed business actors in Indonesia, has a commitment in maintaining the quality of seaweed , therefore so far we have been developing seaweed cultivation Scattered throughout Indonesia through cooperation from various stakeholders. 
We have Suppliers and farmers across Indonesia, with warehouse located in Surabaya and South Sulawesi which have full facilities and get the classification of warehouse . Therefore we continue to develop through innovation to explore the benefits of Indonesian seaweed by conducting a series of activities,  modern cultivation so as to improve the quality of seaweed. In addition to being one of the largest exporter in Indonesia, we will enlarge our market by making factories that produce finished products that will be used as food, medicines, fertilizer and as raw material in the production Industrial hydrocolloids such as Carragenan, Agar, and Alginate




  1. HACCP certified by Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Republic of Indonesia
  2. SKP certified by Marine and Fisheries of Republic of Indonesia
  3. Warehouse Receipt System certified by BAPPEBTI Ministry of Trade Republic Indonesia
  4. Warehouse Classification B by Bhanda Graha Reksa
  5. Register Number by Republic of China